Harley Sulé Holds onto a Crumbling Friendship in “Love the Way It Makes You Feel”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 14, 2020

If you’ve never heard of Harley Sulé, we do apologize for not introducing you to this British stunner sooner. With quite a few musical projects under his belt, Sulé has always been quite the ambitious fellow that can’t be stopped. Now that he’s taken more time to develop his solo sound, Sulé is proud to present his piano-driven new single, “Love the Way It Makes You Feel.” 

As Sulé suffers through a crumbling friendship, he finds closure and growth in “Love the Way It Makes You Feel.” Adorned with delicate pianos and Sulé’s recognizable vocals, “Love the Way It Makes You Feel” has the talented romantic contemplating everything he’s done to this person and what could’ve been. To top it off, “Love the Way It Makes You Feel” is accompanied by a breathtaking visual that features a stunning figure skater effortlessly gliding to the emotional ballad. 

On “Love the Way It Makes You Feel,” Harley Sulé shared,

“‘Love The Way It Makes You Feel’ is a song about that friend who is always on the cusp of being a true friend. Someone who tells you the deepest and darkest parts of their lives which subsequently ends in them pushing you away, as you become a vehicle to carry their pain. And however hard you try to help them deal with their problems, the relationship fundamentally becomes a burden.”

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