VanJess’ “Come Over” Takes Us Back to the 90s

Photo Credit: Alexander Sampson (@iyex_)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 10, 2020

We’re so thrilled to introduce you to your new favorite Nigerian-American sister duo that never fails to impress. With the most precious R&B jams, VanJess is quite the accomplished act and they’re nowhere near done. To keep us sane in a time of absolute chaos, VanJess has delivered a stunning new single, “Come Over.”

As we’re completely blown away by the 90s-esque harmonies, “Come Over” proves itself to be one of the best modern R&B tracks we’ve covered yet. Between the hints of disco and VanJess’ sultry vocals, “Come Over” sets itself up for success as a new fan favorite. For those of you who are madly crushing on someone, maybe the nostalgic “Come Over” visual will convince you to make a move as the lovely ladies of VanJess call their crushes over landline phones. 

On “Come Over,” VanJess shared,

“For this video, we really wanted to capture vintage glamour but still feel like the future and represent who we are. Early in quarantine we were really inspired looking at old photos of our parents in Nigeria and thought about what being at home living the lyrics of this record would look like in their world. We hope this song makes everyone feel good and dance, we believe energy and soul and tempo still has a place in R&B!” 

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