Charlie Burg Showcases His Versatility with “Lancaster Nights / Title Guide to the Talkies”

Photo Credit: Angela Ricciardi (@redjuicyjumpsuit)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 9, 2020

At only 23 years old, Charlie Burg has countless accomplishments under his belt, but he continues to work just as hard as always. The Brooklyn-based stunner refuses to be tied down by a single genre so he lets his freak flag fly with eclectic soundscapes that we could never grow tired of. To prove this to you, Burg has unveiled his new double single, “Lancaster Nights / Title Guide to the Talkies.” 

What’s so special about Burg is his indisputable knack for producing interesting sonics, which we most definitely hear in “Lancaster Nights / Title Guide to the Talkies.” Whereas “Lancaster Nights” offers a groovier vibe with funky bass guitars and charming melodies, “Title Guide to the Talkies” presents a ballad-like approach with stunning pianos and simple choruses. Regardless of your music tastes, trust us when we say Burg will satisfy your needs one way or another. 

On “Lancaster Nights / Title Guide to the Talkies,” Charlie Burg explained, 

“I want people to know that every and any story can be interesting if you find the narrative in it. Some songwriters might lack confidence in their own story, but the fact is that their lives are the stories that no one else owns. When people hear my music, I want them to be able to look inside themselves and realize there’s life, art, and beauty in everything.”

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