TAROT Reminds Us of Summer Flings with “Salt Water Taffy”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 7, 2020

Nashville’s TAROT is coming in hot this summer with quality music that’ll satisfy all your alternative pop cravings. As someone who genuinely tries to reach people at their very core through music, TAROT isn’t like other rising artists we see today. Before summer comes to an end, treat yourself to some delectable “Salt Water Taffy” from TAROT. 

On “Salt Water Taffy,” TAROT explained,

“The idea of salt water taffy literally came from a random bag of salt water taffy on the table in the room, but it turned into something so much more than that. As a writer and an artist, you get these rare occurrences where it just flows right out of you – everything you have been feeling whether you are aware of it or not writes itself on the page and it is like a rush and release all at once. I was not expecting to write one of those songs that night, but to birth came ‘Salt Water Taffy.’”

Opening with wavy guitars, “Salt Water Taffy” instantly puts us in a good mood. As TAROT’s luscious vocals complement the lively instrumentals, “Salt Water Taffy” explores the complex emotions we experience when we truly fall in love. For those of you who’ve had summer flings, “Salt Water Taffy” is certainly a blast from the past that’ll remind you of short-lived romances. 

“It’s a fun, upbeat, summer song, but it really is about falling in love and fully emerging yourself into the entire experience (even though it can be scary). The lyrics are honest and true and they paint what falling in love feels, looks, smells, tastes, and is to me. I want this song to be an escape for listeners during these painful times, to remind them that even though things look a little different right now, love and summer still exist.” 

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