Kelsy Karter Is Unapologetically Herself in “Love Me Or Hate Me”

Photo Credit: Sarah Pardini (@sarahpardini)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 7, 2020

The secret’s out… Kelsy Karter is single handedly reviving rock ‘n’ roll for plenty of generations to come. Hailing from New Zealand, Karter really does embody the tenacity and grit some of us only dream of. Experience the greatness that is Karter with her electrifying new single, “Love Me Or Hate Me.”

On “Love Me or Hate Me,” Kelsy Karter shared,

“I wrote ‘Love Me or Hate Me’ at a time when I was feeling like I wasn’t good enough, and the thing that pulled me through was my fans. They made me believe in myself again, and so I wanted to write them a song to make them feel the way they made me feel: like I’m a badass, and I can do anything.” 

Equal parts glam rock and punk rock, “Love Me or Hate Me” is an impeccable display of Karter’s versatility and timeless sound. Whether it’s the anthemic chorus or the edgy melodies, “Love Me or Hate Me” instills Karter’s confidence deep within our souls. The accompanying visual offers a monochromatic compilation of Karter not having a single care in the world, which she dedicates to anyone who’s ever been misunderstood.

“Life is too damn short to live by someone else’s rules or standards. This song is about being unapologetically yourself and owning your individualism.” 

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