[Q&A] Olivia Lunny Recovers from Heartbreak with ‘To the Ones I Loved’

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 4, 2020

Trust us when we say Olivia Lunny is certainly not someone you’d want to ignore because she’ll ultimately find a way to make you listen. With the most amazing personality and incredible talent, this 21-year-old is finally to unveil her impressive debut EP, To the Ones I Loved. This four-track collection is honestly everything we could’ve asked for, and Lunny’s music career is well on its way to the top. 

On To the Ones I Loved, Olivia Lunny shared,

“This project is an intimate collection of stories and my experiences put into song. Heartbreak is an inevitable part of life and universally felt by so many. I’ve learned to celebrate the curve balls and confusion life throws at us sometimes. I hope you can do the same and while you’re at it… feel free to dance to, cry to, and feel whatever you gotta feel with my songs alongside you and your journey in this beautiful life!” 

To celebrate the release of her new music, we recently chatted with Olivia Lunny about her first song ever, authenticity, and of course, To the Ones I Loved.

HH: Rumor has it you wrote your first song at age 12… do you remember what it was about? 

OL: I do actually! It was a song called “Fly Away.” I remember writing for my friend when she had a bad day at school or something–simpler times! I tend to write a lot of songs about heartbreak now… Oops. 

HH: How has your life changed since CTV’s The Launch

OL: Being on this show really did launch my career and give me the platform to start building a name for myself in the scene. I learned so much about myself as both an artist and  person throughout the entire process. I’m so grateful for that time in my life because it has given me such direction and gave me the validation I needed early on.

HH: How does it feel to finally have your debut EP out in the world?! 

OL: AMAZING! I am SOO happy to finally share these four songs with the world.  This EP in particular feels very intimate and personal. I hope listeners can resonate and enjoy it as much as I loved creating it.

HH: To the Ones I Loved revolves around difficult breakups, but you have such a way with words that makes us all feel so comforted and relieved. Why do you think people respond so well to your music? 

OL: First off, thank you so much–that’s very kind! Throughout my journey as an artist, I have always promised myself to be 110% authentic within my music (even if that requires reflecting back on difficult situations). As a music fan and listener myself, I know I have always gravitated towards music that evokes a strong emotion within me; therefore, I’ve always aimed to create that same feeling in my music!

HH: We’ve noticed a recurring theme of soft colors and a rich gold in your artwork. What inspired the EP/single covers? 

OL: I wish I had a more profound explanation in regards to the color and artwork visuals, but I simply fell in love with @grimes.eye’s work on Instagram and the rest is history! I love his use of color and 3D animation very much.

HH: What was it like to perform on the Canadian Red Cross’ charity cover of “Lean On Me?”

OL: It was truly an honor to be a part of this song alongside Canada’s best! The reaction to the song was so positive and I think it truly provided a small light in this time of darkness.

HH: If you could turn back time and write any hit song, which would it be? 

OL: “The Scientist” by Coldplay. This song is a masterpiece and so beautifully written. A timeless tune!

HH: What are your three hidden hits? 

OL: “Falling Asleep at the Wheel” – Holly Humberstone, “Call Me A Fool” – Perlo, and “Scared of Everything” – Roman Clarke.

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