Taylor DeBlock Sulks in His Heartbreak with “Right Way”

Photo Credit: Paul Weaver (@paulwheatthins)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 3, 2020

Ever since he was 13, Taylor DeBlock knew music would play a significant role in his life… Little did he know he’d land a spot on our radar. The Los Angeles-based newcomer has been slowly growing his fanbase, but he most definitely deserves more credit for what he does. To introduce you to this R&B-pop stunner, DeBlock gives it his all in his ravishing new single, “Right Way.”

Rhythm guitars and rolling beats add a lot to “Right Way,” but it’s DeBlock’s passion that stands out to us. As the hopeless romantic sulks in his unbearable heartbreak, “Right Way” reminds us that some relationships just aren’t meant to last. As “Right Way” draws to a close, we’re left begging for more of DeBlock’s pop-infused R&B. 

On “Right Way,” Taylor DeBlock explained, 

“In an attempt to do as much as possible to make things right, the song depicts the pain I faced in the inescapable unraveling of love. The song takes you to a place we are all too familiar with: heartbreak.”

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