Michi Discovers the Beauty of Solitude with “Escondida”

Photo Credit: Haley Appell (@haleyappell)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 3, 2020

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again… Michi captivates us like nobody else can. Having grown up in a Latino household with all types of music constantly playing, Michi ultimately discovered her undying love of singing and songwriting. With an otherworldly R&B-pop soundscape that we certainly don’t deserve, Michi continues to impress us with a gorgeous new single, “Escondida.”

On “Escondida,” Michi shared,

“The value of solitude–even outside these testing times of quarantine–are what pushed me to bring ‘Escondida’ out of hiding. I’ve always leaned on the company of others to fill a void or distract myself, but it wasn’t until these last two years and the start of my project that I felt connected to being alone, even if with my thoughts, regrets, memories–both good and bad. ‘Escondida’ is my love song to the haven I’ve found in mentally and emotionally being alone.”

Adorned with Michi’s luscious vocals, “Escondida” blows us away to a place of bilingual refrains and stellar production. As Michi finally discovers the beauty of solitude, she learns more about herself and others in the process. Animated by María Medem, the accompanying visual offers a world of vibrancy and life we wish we could escape to.

“It was really important to me that the essence of loneliness be captured in the music video for ‘Escondida.’ It immediately felt natural in gravitating towards it being animated and the process of seeing María’s work sent piece by piece has been incredible. Her sunset tones and atmospheric illustrations all depict exactly what I wanted this video to be. It’s been really special working with an artist from Spain.”

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