Alexis Lynn Surrenders to Love with “Bubble”

Photo Credit: Alex Cole (@alex.co1e)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 3, 2020

Alexis Lynn isn’t quite like any other pop artist you’ve heard. With an established maturity found in her music, Lynn manages to craft pop tracks we can’t get out of our heads. In fact, we invite you to spin Lynn’s fabulous new single, “Bubble,” and tells us it’s not the catchiest thing you’ve come across as of late.

On “Bubble,” Alexis Lynn shared,

“‘Bubble’ is a declaration of surrender to love. I wrote this song when reflecting on how I got into my current relationship, as I am someone who is used to being a protective person.”

For those of you who have been more reserved when it comes to letting people into your life, “Bubble” will undoubtedly serve as your confidence boost. Between the stirring electronics and dreamy production, “Bubble” really does offer the best of modern pop music. The accompanying visual welcomes us into Lynn’s bubblegum fantasy as she experiences the ultimate honeymoon phase.

“I want you to realize that tearing down that wall can allow for amazing things to happen. It’s always going to feel safe inside of your little bubble, but change happens when you step out of it or let someone into it.”

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