Grant Schaffer and love-sadKID Reflect on First Loves in “Seeing Color”

Photo Credit: Sean Childers (@schildersphoto)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 2, 2020

Grant Schaffer is the 19-year-old from Gainesville, Florida ready to make his mark with infectious bedroom pop tunes. Merging his admiration of early blues guitarists with modern pop, Schaffer offers a genre-bending soundscape of the gods. Now joining forces with love-sadKID, the two masterminds are treating us to a charming new single, “Seeing Color.”

Schaffer began writing “Seeing Color” two years ago, but it wasn’t until now that he deemed it ready for our deserving ears. Between love-sadKID’s lofi rap production and Schaffer’s bedroom pop melodies, “Seeing Color” is a darling showcase of two genres’ ability to create something so mesmerizing. As they both attempt to describe the first time they fell in love, “Seeing Color” really does illuminate the room with ease and passion. 

On “Seeing Color,” love-sadkid shared,

“Yo! Grant Schaffer just dropped a new banger featuring ME on it and it’s an absolute feel good banger during these gray times.”

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