Alt Bloom and gnash Highlight Online Dating in “text talk touch”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 2, 2020

In a time of chaos and confusion, Alt Bloom soothes our minds with alternative R&B that is to die for. Following the summer release of his recent debut EP Astronaut Complex, Alt Bloom isn’t taking any breaks as he joins forces with gnash on an infectious track, “text talk touch.” 

On “text talk touch,” Alt Bloom reflected,

‘”text talk touch’ are the steps of a relationship, moving from texting, to talking, to finally meeting in person. My co-writer Sebastian Kole and I had just come off a songwriting retreat in Romania, but we hadn’t hit a song together yet. When we landed in LA, we booked a writing session together with The Orphanage. This song, ‘text talk touch’ was written from top to bottom in about ten minutes. It was a blast of a session, switching off writing sections of the song and then blasting it the rest of the night. Collaborating with Sebastian and The Orphanage, and having gnash jump on the track was effortless and I can’t wait for everyone to hear.”

“text talk touch” is the much-needed flirty anthem that’s ending our summer on the right note. As Alt Bloom and gnash highlight the prevalence of online dating, “text talk touch” is drizzled with pulsating synths and swooning guitars. Needless to say, we’re very thankful that Alt Bloom and gnash dropped the ultimate righteousness that is “text talk touch.”

gnash added,

“We’re all living on our phone screens, especially during the pandemic and with all the world changing news going on. I learned from my sister recently that the generation younger than me pretty much only does online dating. So between those two things this song just makes sense for right now and always in the future–as scary as that might be!”

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