[Q&A] Mathew V Shows Every Side to Himself with ‘Two Faced’

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 1, 2020

More recently, Mathew V has found himself delving into pop music like never before. The 22-year-old has been crafting his Two Faced album for quite a few years, and now it’s finally time for us to recognize how truly talented this Canadian stunner is. Without further ado, we invite you to blast his thrilling new album, Two Faced, for all your neighbors to hear!

To celebrate the release of his new music, we recently chatted with Mathew V about openness, vocal training, and of course, Two Faced.

HH: What led you to do ten years of classical operatic vocal training?

MV: When I was growing up my brother would play a lot of extracurricular sports. I tried it and it really wasn’t for me, but I was singing around the house all the time. My parents found a vocal coach in our area and we discovered that I took classical really well, and ran with it from there.

HH: You’ve been crafting Two Faced for a few years now… How does it feel to finally have it out in the world?!

MV: I’m really excited to have it out. I’ve had the project existing in my head for such a long time, it feels like a weight off my back to have it out there. I can finally allow myself to progress and move on with a clean slate.

HH: How would you say Two Faced compares to either of your earlier albums?

MV: Two Faced is a lot poppier for sure. Also a lot more vulnerable in certain tracks. I allowed myself to fully commit on either extremes, take risks, and allow myself to do things I was scared to do in the past.

HH: Two Faced certainly shows several sides to you and your music. Do you think artists should be more open with their songwriting?

MV: I can’t speak on what other artists should do. But for myself personally I just try to make whatever music I want to listen to at that time in my life. For this stage of my life, I wanted to be blunt and open. That may change in the future but it certainly felt really good right now. 

HH: A slower track like “Flashback” contrasted with something like “Don’t Let Me Go” further convinces us that there’s nothing you can’t do. What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t achieved quite yet?

MV: Well thanks so much for saying that! I really enjoy being able to reinvent my sound often. Change things up and flip the script. I’ve wanted to incorporate soulful country vibes for a while now, but also weird dark experimental pop. I have some fine tuning to do on those ideas for sure, but who knows…. maybe that will come to fruition one day. 

HH: If you could turn back time and write any hit song, which would it be?

MV: Wow I think about this question all the time. It would have to be something that is an undeniable hit regardless of production. There are so many HIT songs that just don’t have the resources, and don’t get heard for that reason. Also I’d have to consider that I may not have Max Martin there to produce it. Also, is age a consideration, because I was born in ’96 and writing a song from ’98 wouldn’t be taken too seriously from a toddler…. Okay I’m going down a rabbit hole now. I think with all things considered (age rule playing into effect) I would pick “Never Really Over” by Katy Perry or “My Church” by Maren Morris. If age didn’t come into play… “Man I Feel Like A Woman” without question.

HH: What are your three hidden hits?

MV: “Love Again…” – Logan Prescott
“Thief in the Night” – Georgia Blackwell
“Good Year” – Sam Lynch 

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