ROSA’s “Eye Candy” Video Is Truly Breathtaking

Photo Credit: Sophie Vanhasselt (@sophievanhasselt)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 31, 2020

ROSA has never been one to fit a certain mold; this Surinamese/Native American artist has been breaking boundaries since the day he was born. Before he unveils his fantastic debut EP, FEMALE, ROSA is holding us over with one stellar single at a time. On a mission to expunge the stereotypes associated with masculinity, ROSA is holding nothing back with the gorgeous “Eye Candy” video.

As “Eye Candy” shares the narrative of a young woman who has been brainwashed by superficiality, ROSA acknowledges that there’s more to life than reality TV and selfies. Accompanied by ROSA’s catchy bars and irresistible instrumentals, the “Eye Candy” visual is as seductive as it is relevant. Showcasing flawless makeup looks and top-class fashion, this artsy video offers the best of ROSA’s growing social movement. 

On “Eye Candy,” ROSA shared,

“It’s an elegant display of how judgement can impact how one perceives an individual. Listen to the lyrics. It’s layered, but it’s all there. Explaining too much kills some of the magic of art though. So without further ado, I present to you: ‘Eye Candy.’ Hope you enjoy.”

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