Hong Kong Boyfriend Gets Introspective with Debut “Cold Waters”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 31, 2020

2020 may not be the best year by any means, but it’s the year that saw the birth of an indie mastermind that is Hong Kong Boyfriend. What separates this 21-year-old from other rising acts is his effortless sound that’ll leave you feeling intoxicated. Before Hong Kong Boyfriend finds himself on airwaves worldwide, we invite you to spin his mesmerizing debut single, “Cold Waters.”

Drenched in whimsical instrumentals, “Cold Waters” transports us to a place of inner exploration as we continue to figure out who we are. Hong Kong Boyfriend’s soothing vocals are utterly refreshing, but it’s his introspective lyricism that really gets us. To top it off, “Cold Waters” is accompanied by a cinematic music video that’ll make you wish you were madly in love. 

On “Cold Waters,” Hong Kong Boyfriend explained,

“When I was young, I met with a girl who played cello and talked a lot more than me. I had a flip phone and a single speed bike. I wouldn’t say we were in love; I would say we were obsessed with each other’s lives. ‘Cold Waters’ is a song about spiraling.” 

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