Reggie Becton Serves Up Delectable R&B with “Listenin’”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 27, 2020

You heard it here first… without a doubt, Reggie Becton will soon be a household name. The Maryland native doesn’t seem to be glued to one exact sound, so he’s constantly experimenting with different techniques and soundscapes. Now ready to serve a delectable R&B treat, Becton has dropped his gooey new single, “Listenin.’”

On “Listenin,’” Reggie Becton explained,

“At its core, ‘Listenin’’ is about a yearning for someone you know isn’t really good for your being. It serves as one last call to a lover to see if they’re ‘Listenin’’ and if they understand that you are dying without them. It is about the end of a relationship that never really got off the ground, but it was still deeply felt.”

Drizzled in Becton’s comforting vocals, “Listenin’” offers a fresh perspective on masculinity and modern love. As Becton reveals that he’s struggled with societal expectations when it comes to relationships, “Listenin’” very much offers a side of Becton we’re glad to know. If you haven’t already, we highly suggest you add Becton to your radar before he becomes an R&B legend.

“Shows like ‘Love and Hip Hop’ have normalized the idea that you have to go through constant struggles such as cheating or not fully committing, to be involved with someone you have feelings for, and this song serves as a reflection of that; while we all long for the type of relationship that’s healthy and whole, there is still apart of us that longs for the drama of a toxic relationship/situationship. We all want to experience an ‘Issa and Laurence type love.'”

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