Seraphina Simone Exposes the Toxicity of “Hollywood $$$”

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There are no words that can quite perfectly describe Seraphina Simone’s talent, but we’ll say she’s as remarkable as it gets. With a timeless sound you’d expect to hear in an earlier decade, Simone is undoubtedly reviving an aura we’ve truly missed. As her second release ever, Simone is enchanting us with a beguiling new single, “Hollywood $$$.”

On “Hollywood $$$,” Seraphina Simone shared,

“‘Hollywood $$$’ is about the Lynchian, fame-obsessive undercurrents of tinsel town, with its sirens, starlets, leeches, and letches. It’s about that world of smoke and mirrors – where nothing and no one is really as it seems, and the world of celebrity – where we deify or demonize people into these superhumans or arch villains.” 

Even if you’ve never been to the land of glamorous mansions and flashy outfits, “Hollywood $$$” is certainly a thoughtful track you can enjoy. As Simone sheds light on the toxicity of fame and glory, “Hollywood $$$” encourages us to reevaluate our ideas of what being a celebrity is really like. Between the blitzy instrumentals and Simone’s charming vocals, “Hollywood $$$” is most definitely going to put Simone on the map. 

“It’s about how seductive fame can be, how it’s something we all envision in the back of our minds – the perfect life without money worries where everyone loves us and we can do whatever we want – but it comes at a huge price and can destroy you if you chase it too hard.” 

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