will hyde Finally Lets Go of the Past with “over u.”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 21, 2020

It’s only been a few weeks since we first heard from this Australian newcomer, but will hyde has won our hearts over with ease. As he continues to express our emotions for us, hyde teaches us how to balance joy and melancholy to the fullest. Ahead of the release of his highly-anticipated debut EP, with u in mind, hyde is teasing us once again with an irresistible new single, “over u.”

On “over u.,” will hyde reflected,

“When I wrote this song, I had been away from home for quite a long time. That space had given me a lot of time to think about everything–including the past. I noticed there were certain relationships that I was holding onto and it meant that I was not being present. The only times I was present was when I was in the studio. That’s the only time I could really enjoy…”

With hyde’s earwormy vocals, “over u.” sets this remarkable 20-year-old up for a clear path to success. “over u.” was written at a time when hyde felt that he wasn’t being truthful to himself and his situation, so he used this hypnotic track as a moment of clarity. The accompanying lyric video compiles black-and-white footage of hyde singing to security cameras as if someone’s watching. 

“So I got out of the shower one morning before a session with Liam Quinn, and had a melody in my head–the chorus of what would be ‘over u.’ In the second verse, I really am just sort of stating the frustration I was feeling–like, you’re driving me insane. I’m driving [myself] insane. The way I got full clarity was using this song as a point to be like, okay, I’m gonna start making sure I’m bringing myself back to this present moment now. I gotta make a change and stop thinking about these relationships in my life.” 

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