Chinwe Captivates Us with Sultry R&B in “Intoxicated”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 19, 2020

Without a doubt, Chinwe is the R&B newcomer you absolutely need to direct your attention to. The East Londoner first got into songwriting in her early teens, and now it’s quite clear that all her hard work is paying off. As a special treat for us, Chinwe is delivering that righteous R&B with her sultry new single, “Intoxicated.”

On “Intoxicated,” Chinwe reflected,

“When the pandemic hit, I think the lack of social interaction made me turn inwards. I was desperate to reclaim happier times, trying to reach them and reimagine them in a way that they could become almost tangible, like a lucid dream. In this sense, the song is really more about escapism than it is being in love. It’s that feeling of yearning and longing for a different reality that then leads to infatuation — whether it be with an individual, a high or a time and place.”

With stirring beats layered beneath Chinwe’s irresistible vocals, “Intoxicated” very much throws us into a whirlpool of emotions. Chinwe may have written “Intoxicated” about escapism, but this otherworldly track really does captivate us effortlessly. Better yet, take one listen of Chinwe’s alluring vocals and tell us you’re not already swooning. 

“I hope this song can transport people away from their reality and any negativity they’re experiencing, even if only for a few minutes. I want the listener to escape with me and come on a journey to a happier time and place.”

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