keaton dekker Longs for a Reset Button in “mint”

Photo Credit: Louis Oliver Byrne (@louisoliverbyrne)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 18, 2020

Not only does keaton dekker record and produce his own stellar discography, but he also lends a huge helping hand in the visual components of his work. Although dekker is only 20 years old, we have much to learn from this DIY artist breaking boundaries. To prove that he’s one of the UK’s best rising talents, we invite you to spin his enchanting new single, “mint.”

Ahead of the release of his highly-anticipated debut EP, the unwelcome series, dekker is teasing us with irresistible synths and dreamy instrumentals in “mint.” As dekker longs for a reset button for life, “mint” reminds us to find the beauty in the present while progressing towards the future. The accompanying visual depicts a newly single dekker in an 80s style narrative as he lays on his bedroom floor with “mint” magazines scattered throughout. 

On “mint,” keaton dekker reflected,

“It was made in my bedroom, in 2018, on Halloween. I remember coming up with the verse chords first, then it all seemed to write itself.  This song felt like movement to me, which is kinda ironic as I also felt like I was trapped at the time. ‘mint’ is a callout for a fresh start, something new. Being so close, but you’’re not quite there yet.””

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