JUJ Says Goodbye to Toxic Relationships with “1-800-HELL-NO”

Photo Credit: Jonathan J Rosales (@arkshot.studio)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 18, 2020

On a mission to reach teenagers and young adults from all types of backgrounds, JUJ is certainly making her mark. The Philadelphia native has only been officially releasing music as JUJ for about a year or so, but she’s well worth your time. As she continues to impress us with more music, we invite you to blast her electrifying new single, “1-800-HELL-NO.”

With this hypnotic track straying away from her signature sound, “1-800-HELL-NO” offers another side to JUJ we haven’t seen before. Adorned with JUJ’s breathtaking vocals and stellar production, “1-800-HELL-NO” will certainly be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future. The accompanying visual has JUJ waving goodbye to the toxic relationships with moxie and confidence. 

On “1-800-HELL-NO,” JUJ shared,

“So excited for this release! It stands out and feels unique to my music prior but also keeps similar elements like choir that feel authentic to my sound. It feels like the perfect time to release ‘1-800’ with summer ending and back to school approaching even if it’s a Zoom gathering–it’s definitely the summer feel good song I’ve been waiting for.” 

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