Love Is in the Air for Dava in “Right Time”

Photo Credit: Milo Lee (@milolee11)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 18, 2020

At age 18, Dava relocated to Colorado, where she found herself in such a state of pure bliss while performing at open mics. But these small town coffee shop audiences weren’t enough to fulfill her craving for larger crowds and she eventually began releasing music on SoundCloud. Now making 2020 her year, Dava is more than pleased to present her wholesome new single, “Right Time.”

Written about someone who made Dava feel like love was in her grasp, “Right Time” resonates with all of us who’ve been completely smitten by someone special. With charming vocals paired with hazy guitars, “Right Time” will leave you feeling that warm kind of fuzzy we love. The accompanying visual compiles shots of Dava surrounded by nature–whether it’s the relaxing beach, calming forest, or liberating fields. 

On “Right Time,” Dava explained,

“This song is likely going to be received as being very different from my first single ‘ASOS,’ but that is exactly what I want people to expect from me. I strongly believe in making music that resonates with how I feel at the time, without the limitations of continuity or genre. I wrote this song for someone special. Someone that made me feel like it was the right time for love.”

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