KiNG MALA Compares Sweet Cravings to Lust with “sugarblind”

Photo Credit: Lauren Shelburne (@laurenshelburnemedia)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 17, 2020

All of you alternative lovers better make way for KiNG MALA because she’s most certainly the next musical mastermind claiming a spot on your coveted radar. Born in El Paso, KiNG MALA explores common themes of lust and femininity, and she’s more than ready to teach you her ways. With more determination than ever before, KiNG MALA is here to leave you stunned with her edgy new single, “sugarblind.”

On “sugarblind,” KiNG MALA reflected,

“When this song was first being written, it had the feeling of the alternative rock music that I grew up listening to–bands like Cage the Elephant, Young the Giant, Alabama Shakes, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, and more. I also grew up listening to classic soul music, and that has really shaped the way I write melodies and harmonies as well. I wanted to keep that inspiration while bringing it into a more alt-pop space and putting my spin on it.”

No questions asked – “sugarblind” is as captivating as it is impeccable. With KiNG MALA’s hypnotizing vocals paired with whimsical instrumentals, “sugarblind” whisks us away to a state of pure euphoria. As KiNG MALA compares sweet cravings to our lust for someone, “sugarblind” truly leaves us speechless. 

“I typically write pretty heavy stuff, but ‘sugarblind’ is really different. It is so fun and carefree and I want the listeners to feel that, especially if they are typically melancholic the way I am.”

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