Kat Saul Discovers the Terrifying “Monsters” of Adulthood

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 5, 2020

Having made her remarkable debut just two years ago, Kat Saul is only getting started. The Nashville-born, Los Angeles-based songstress prides herself on crafting music that gravitates listeners to the dancefloor–sometimes with tissues in hand. Without further ado, it’s about time you give Saul a listen with her hypnotizing new single, “Monsters.”

On “Monsters,” Kat Saul explained,

“When you’re a little kid, you’re afraid of things like the Boogie Man, Dracula, and zombies. To be real, I think I’m still afraid of zombies, but in my experience, growing up shifts your fears. Now instead of vampires and aliens, it’s the fear of failure, mental health issues, broken relationships, childhood trauma, and all the other shit that goes in a messed-up-baggage-cocktail. All that to say, it turns out real life is way more terrifying than the dark.” 

Co-written by Saul, Alex Venegas, and Alex Koste, “Monsters” has Saul courageously confronting her deepest fears of adulthood. Back when imaginary monsters under our beds were our worst concerns, we would’ve never expected to experience anything more terrifying–but that’s all been proven wrong now. With Saul’s flawless vocals layered above thrilling electronics, “Monsters” takes us on a sonic journey through the best of the alternative pop universe. 

“I wanted to write a song that brought that uneasiness to light because it’s a transition we don’t really talk about. I toyed with the idea for about a year before writing the concept because I wanted to make sure it felt real. And wow, with everything that’s happened in the world this year, those fears are more prominent than ever for everyone. I think we all wish we could go back to when our monsters lived under our beds.”

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