[Q&A] Peach Luffe’s EP Is a ‘Shimmer’ of Hope in Tough Times

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 3, 2020

With considerable help from Peach Luffe, Canadian dream pop is truly taking off. After relocating to Toronto, the aspiring musician took it upon himself to form a fantastic quartet to complete the outfit. Without further ado, treat yourself to the dreamy stylings of Peach Luffe with his impeccable new EP, Shimmer

On Shimmer, Peach Luffe reflected,

“‘Shimmer’ EP is about struggling with yourself and loved ones. In following my music dreams so much so that I even moved to another country, I felt a lot of self-doubt, loneliness, and heartbreak–as if I sometimes didn’t deserve happiness. The EP was inspired by shimmering light that passes through the clouds. It reminds me that the world is beautiful and gives me hope.”

To celebrate the release of his new music, we recently chatted with Peach Luffe about distant relatives, Toronto, and of course, Shimmer

HH: Rumor has it you made your first songs on a cheap Ephiphone guitar. What do you miss most about that guitar? Can you share a pleasant memory from your early days?

PL: Rumor is true…haha! My mom bought it for me after years of me begging her. She wanted me to stick with the violin. I think my mom threw it out while we were moving and downsizing. One happy memory was learning my first song “Brain Stew” by Green Day on it. Power chords made me feel so powerful!

HH: Life’s never easy, and Shimmer is exactly about that. If you don’t mind sharing, what’s one of the most difficult experiences you’ve encountered in life? 

PL: I definitely have some. But one recently I’ve been thinking about is my relationship with my relatives. I just don’t have strong ties with them–to be honest. Whenever I go back to Korea, it’s hard to talk to them because we just don’t relate and it feels forced. They’re still family and I want to be with them but the distance mentally is quite far. I envy those with close families. Oh man, I hope they don’t read this. I was thinking maybe they won’t be able to since it’s in English but they’ll use a translator. I’m going to write a song about this soon. 

HH: Whether it’s the hazy plucks in “Fairytale” or the moody bass lines in “Rollercoaster,” Shimmer offers such a pleasant fusion of sonics. What inspires your eclectic soundscape? 

PL: I love what you said in the feature about hazy guitars. Such a great way to describe it. I just gravitate towards heavenly, ethereal sounds (basically reverb, haha). I feel like I’m floating or drifting away with these tones. 

HH: You included two acoustic versions on Shimmer, and we’re absolutely loving them! Do you feel any different performing these songs acoustically?

PL: Before COVID-19, I would be playing at a lot of open mics acoustically so it feels pretty normal to me actually! Of course, having a full band is always nice. I’m glad I put out acoustic versions. Some people liked them better than the original! 

HH: Now that you’ve been making music for quite some time in Toronto, do you regret moving your entire life over there? 

PL: Moving to Toronto was easily one of the best life choices I’ve made. I met some incredible friends and people here. Being in a city is necessary, I think. I’m happy with my decision. 

HH: We know your name is partially inspired by Luffy from One Piece… Do you have a favorite One Piece arc? 

PL: YESSS, I love One Piece. It’s the manga I read. I’ve been reading since I was in the sixth grade. Even now, I wait patiently for each new chapter to come out every Friday! The current arc Wano is amazing. The story is beautifully written and has so much depth.

HH: What are your three hidden hits?

PL: “Maybe Another Time” by Feng Suave. “Tangerine” by Tim Atlas. “Over the Moon” by The Marías. 

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