Micky James Takes a Mighty Jab at the American Government with “Kings”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 3, 2020

With the most infectious aura, no one does it quite like Micky James. Heavily inspired by Brit rock legends like David Bowie and The Clash, James is sparking the revival of old school rock icons with a contemporary twist. Because you literally won’t find anyone who can replicate James’ notable efforts, treat yourself to his exhilarating new single: “Kings.”

On a mission to keep such a nostalgic genre alive, James is charging full steam ahead with the irresistible “Kings.” With electrifying guitars, relentless bass lines, and thrilling percussion, “Kings” sends us right back to the best decades of rock ‘n’ roll. As James critiques the United States’ current social and political state, “Kings” takes a mighty jab at the American government with the utmost force.

On “Kings,” Micky James shared,

“The song ‘Kings’ is a commentary on the current relationship between the American government and its people. Despite how engaged and vocal the younger generations of this nation have become regarding social and political change, it seems that the powers that be continue to ignore our pleas.”

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