merci, mercy Warns Future Suitors of Her Cynical Mind with “Fall Apart”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 27, 2020

At only 19 years old, merci, mercy is easily one of our favorite alternative pop newcomers. The Australian talent has crafted an infectious soundscape that perfectly matches her bubbly personality, and we’re living for both. We have no doubt that merci, mercy will soon be playing on the radio worldwide, so introduce yourself to this bright star-in-the-making with her fantastic new single, “Fall Apart.”

Produced by Edwin White (Vance Joy) and Joel Quartermain (G Flip, Meg Mac), “Fall Apart” really does offer the best of merci, mercy. To put it simply, “Fall Apart” is essentially merci, mercy’s warning to anyone who will become romantically involved with her in the future of her cynical mind. Joined by banging percussion and thrilling electronics, merci, mercy’s undeniable charisma and charming vocals ring loud and clear in this alternative pop cut. 

On “Fall Apart,” merci, mercy explained,

“‘Fall Apart’ references the cynical version of myself. Where I question the point in starting something with someone when I know it’s just going to end. In my mind, I think I’m going to get hurt, so will it be worth it? It’s an apology and explanation to any future relationship that could be harmed by my cynical mind.”

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