Devin Kennedy Might’ve Found Himself in Some “Deep Shit”

Photo Credit: Kory Luke (@_photos.cr2)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 23, 2020

After spending some time writing and producing singles for Ben Platt, Alex Aiono, and James Maslow, Devin Kennedy is back in business with more electricity than ever before. The Los Angeles-based artist attended Berklee College of Music, which is where he honed his craft with the utmost dedication. As his third release of the year, Kennedy’s spoiling us with an infectious new single, “Deep Shit.”

Hazy guitars are just the beginning of why “Deep Shit” is sure to be a hit. Between the impeccable instrumentation and the catchy melodies, “Deep Shit” definitely embodies the sad-pop vibe Kennedy’s known for. Considering his indisputable talent, it’s no surprise that Kennedy is adding yet another exquisite cut to his already impressive discography.

On “Deep Shit,” Devin Kennedy explained,

“‘Deep Shit’ is for the carefree spirit that we all have within us. Telling someone how you feel can be terrifying. This song is about taking that leap of faith and letting that person know, regardless of the outcome.” 

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