Your Grandparents’ “So Damn Fly” Is an Homage to Black Youth

Photo Credit: Dassie (@xoxohadas)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 21, 2020

Who would’ve known Your Grandparents would be our latest R&B/hip hop obsession? Comprised of DaCosta, Jean Carter, and ghettoblasterman, Your Grandparents has only been around for about a year, but it’s quite clear that they’re here to dominate our airwaves. Without further ado, treat yourself to Your Grandparents’ oozy soundscape with their otherworldly new single, “So Damn Fly.”

As proven by the jazzy brass and delicate xylophones in “So Damn Fly,” Your Grandparents holds nothing back when it comes to music creation. Written as an homage to the Black youth of today, “So Damn Fly” captures exactly what’s so important about investing in our future through our children. The accompanying visual depicts the talented masterminds of Your Grandparents appearing dazed among a cluster of trees on a breezy day. 

On “So Damn Fly,” Your Grandparents expressed,

“An ode to the unapologetically beautiful, Black, and bold youth of today. We hope the way this song builds and evolves will leave our listeners in awe.”

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