Nyah Grace Delivers the Most Soulful Vocals with “My Sista Told Me” and “I Don’t Really”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 20, 2020

For someone who’s only 18 years old, Nyah Grace is certainly one of the most innovative soul artists we’ve discovered yet. The London-based talent seeks inspiration from the likes of Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo, but she possesses a remarkable knack for entrancing storytelling like no other. Ahead of the release of her highly-anticipated debut album Honey-Coloured, Grace has unveiled two mesmerizing new singles, “My Sista Told Me” and “I Don’t Really.”

On “My Sista Told Me,” Nyah Grace shared,

“I wish Corinne [Bailey Rae] was on it more! The half-spoken bit was really new; we wrote it all out and the next time I met her a year later, I said, ‘I really wanna finish the song.’ I didn’t think the verse was cool enough, and she said, ‘What if you just do this…’ and it worked. I’m not a rapper, so it’s really out there for me.”

Although both are incredible tracks, “My Sista Told Me” strikes a chord with us because we can’t help but reflect on our own relationships with our sisters and friends who we’re practically related to. On the other hand, “I Don’t Really” cleverly incorporates personal voicemails that present a unique take to Grace’s musicality, which should never be overlooked. Between Grace’s irresistible vocals and her charming personality, we’re completely obsessed with this rising songstress. 

On “I Don’t Really,” she elaborated,

“It’s neo-soul, kind of 90s, R&B influenced. Michael [Kwesi Graves] played the most beautiful set of chords I’d ever heard and put in some chords and found the drum loop in five seconds, and it sounded amazing. I wrote all the lyrics at home that same day, with an interface, mic, and computer. I put in some vocals, then next day I thought a voicemail part would be cool, so I got together all the voicemails in my phone, little sections, and cut them all myself, and I was really proud of that. It has my grandma, plus all my friends from elementary school, because no one’s left me a voicemail forever. It just came together and it was fun!”

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