NOA Captures the Euphoria of Newfound Love with “Patience”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 14, 2020

For those of you who don’t know, NOA is the Dutch, Toronto native who’s about to win your heart over with ease. NOA practically writes music as much as she breathes, which is just one reason why we’re so captivated by this R&B mastermind. With a knack for spellbinding melodies, NOA has dropped her intimate new single, “Patience.”

Although NOA’s charming personality alone convinces us she’s worth our time, “Patience” reaffirms how insanely talented this 23-year-old really is. Between the whimsical instrumentals and NOA’s mesmerizing vocals, “Patience” is an absolute gem we’re so thrilled to have. As NOA captures the euphoria of newfound love in “Patience,” she also reminds us that we need to let ourselves be vulnerable every now and then.  

On “Patience,” NOA reflected,

“This song is an introduction to me and my relationship to love. I grew up with divorced parents, which didn’t give me the most ideal picture of love. With ‘Patience,’ I dove deep into where my reservations with relationships lie, and the difficulty I had with letting my guard down, which I know is something many of us share.”

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