Florence Arman Gets Intimate with Us in “Naked”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 14, 2020

Fun fact about Florence Arman: she enjoys eating two breakfasts in the morning. But what’s even more important to know about Arman is that she’s the next alternative pop star in the making. With plans to release a seven-track project, Arman is teasing us with her entrancing debut single, “Naked.”

On “Naked,” Florence Arman shared,

“After having done many features with many amazing artists, I am now putting out my solo music under my real name (you know ‘cause it’s all personal and shit). I hope you don’t hate it!”

Written all about vulnerability, “Naked” has Arman reflecting on the times she lowered her walls down for people who didn’t deserve that intimacy. Refusing to let these experiences define herself, Arman incorporates soothing guitar plucks and hypnotizing beats into “Naked.” The accompanying visual has Arman covering herself in numerous layers of clothing one after another–which presents quite the opposite of the track’s suggestive lyricism. 

“Thank you so much for listening to ‘Naked!’ I am so honored and flattered! And if you think my penetrating voice is just not enough, you will be happy to hear there’s a video full of some more me.”

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