Selmer Dismantles Social Constructs with “Before You Marry A Person”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 13, 2020

We sure hope the indie genre never dies because Selmer is delivering some quality tunes lately. With an advanced fashion sense, the Oslo-based artist certainly knows how to make a grand entrance with his esteemed indie pop goodness. If you haven’t heard of this class act yet, treat yourself to Selmer’s nostalgic new single, “Before You Marry A Person.”

For many of us, relationships feel like casual flings or they can lead to something much more–as was Selmer’s thinking as a child. “Before You Marry A Person” blames our heteronormative society for convincing us that marriage is always the end goal for every relationship. Now that he’s dismantled this toxic social construct, Selmer educates our youthful minds with “Before You Marry A Person.”

On “Before You Marry A Person,” Selmer explained,

“[It’s] a song about being in love as a kid and about overthinking the importance of relationships as a nine year old. Not being able to realize how unlikely a childhood relationship will lead to a marriage.” 

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