Mabes Questions Soul Mates with “Too Young To Love”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 10, 2020

From her alluring personality to her charming songwriting, Mabes truly is beautiful in every way. Having first learned guitar at age 15, Mabes has crafted the purest folk-infused pop that we’ve completely fallen in love with. As Mabes grows into the multi-faceted songstress she’s destined to be, she’s leaving us speechless with her gorgeous new single, “Too Young To Love.”

On “Too Young To Love,” Mabes reflected,

“What is love? And how will I know when I feel it? As we grow up, our love radar develops, and we find ourselves having romantic connections. When it’s reciprocated, it’s the closest thing to magic, but when circumstances change so can the ‘perfect soul mate.’”

Young love can be daunting, but it can also be the greatest thing you’ve ever experienced. Between Mabes’s engaging vocals and the soothing guitar plucks, “Too Young To Love” is a calming anthem for those of us who’ve felt lost and confused by love. The accompanying visual has Mabes scrolling mindlessly through her phone as she channel surfs to no avail. 

“How do we know when we’ve found love if we have yet to feel it before? How do we know when we have found ‘the one’ if we’ve only encountered a fraction of the people fate has set us up to meet in life? When is it worth the fight through struggles? And when is it time to walk away? Is it love? Or are we just comfortable and too fearful of the hurt if we said goodbye? What is love? At 24, maybe I’m too inexperienced to know, maybe I’m too young to love…”

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