ALITA’s “Bodies” Is the Sex-Positive Track We’ve Been Waiting For

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 10, 2020

ALITA may have a background in business and sales, but her mesmerizing music is certainly what gravitates us to her with every listen. The Seattle-born artist blurs the lines of synth pop and R&B with ease, so it’s no surprise that ALITA’s fanbase has been growing rapidly. Now that it’s 2020, ALITA is holding nothing back with her empowering new single, “Bodies.”

On “Bodies,” ALITA reflected,

“I’m almost always the only woman in the room when I’m writing music. I love and value my male collaborators, but there’s a different energy and camaraderie that comes from female collaboration and I was craving that.” 

Written from a female perspective, “Bodies” explores sex like ALITA has never before. With enchanting electronics layered above ALITA’s impassioned vocals, “Bodies” is the sex-positive track we’ve all been waiting for. The accompanying video is flooded with dazzling glitter and color saturation that offers a sensual viewing experience courtesy of ALITA.

“I’d wanted to write a song like ‘Bodies’ for a long time, but felt like the unconscious biases in the room would affect my writing and my openness… I was worried the heart of it would get lost in translation. Eventually, I realized that I had all of the instinct to explore it by myself, so I did.”

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