We Three Grasps Onto Rebellious Love with “hold me, baby”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 9, 2020

It’s not every day we hear from some of the most talented sibling trios out there, but We Three is here to change our luck today. The Portland-based group has always been connected to each other by blood, and now they’re proving their musical connection is as strong as ever one stunning release at a time. If you’re not sold on We Three quite yet, check out their electrifying new single “hold me, baby” and recognize their promising future before their career really skyrockets. 

Between the irresistible falsettos and whirling electronics, “hold me, baby” is an absolute gem we can’t get enough of. As We Three grasps tightly onto rebellious love, “hold me, baby” reminds us to fully appreciate the genuine relationships we already have in our own lives. The accompanying visual follows Manny and his love interest as they share cute moments together, but he eventually finds himself alone with nothing but a malfunctioning television by his bedside. 

On “hold me, baby,” We Three explained,

“‘hold me, baby’ is about that rebellious love. That love that nobody believes in. That love that everybody says is wrong. That love where you have to sneak around to feel it. But in reality, I find rebellious love the most attractive and appealing ‘cause to make it through, it needs to be strong and it needs to be real.” 

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