Self-Care Is Essential for Thea in “A Little Time on Me”

Photo Credit: Lauren Harris (@laurengharris)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 7, 2020

There’s no doubt that Thea is insanely brilliant, and she wholeheartedly deserves a coveted spot on your radar. The London-based songstress channels her classic childhood films into her heartwarming discography, which will definitely make you feel nostalgic as ever. With plans to unveil her forthcoming album soon, Thea is giving us yet another taste of her sweet sounds with a lullaby-like new single, “A Little Time on Me.”

As “A Little Time on Me” opens with the charming playback of a music box, we can’t help but visualize a ballerina delivering a pirouette ever so gracefully. As Thea reminds us that self-care is essential, “A Little Time on Me” makes us think back on the times we’ve made monumental sacrifices for others. If you’re in love with Thea’s delicate vocals, then you’re in for the treat that is her forthcoming fairytale-inspired album.

On “A Little Time on Me,” Thea shared,

“Don’t forget about yourself in the midst of saving others, save something for yourself.”

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