keaton dekker Calls For Honesty and Openness with “ITYK”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 6, 2020

Make way for keaton dekker because he’s absolutely dominating the UK bedroom pop scene and it’s only a matter of time before his promising career explodes here too. With whimsical soundscapes and undeniable charm, dekker is the bold voice of younger generations we’re more than ready for. Now in 2020, dekker is introducing us to his lovely discography with a soothing new single, “ITYK.”

Reminiscent of 80s R&B-pop, “ITYK” offers a dreamy escape by way of dekker’s pulsating electronics and nostalgic synths. As dekker reflects on the series of unfortunate events that can arise from miscommunication, “ITYK” calls on us to practice honesty and openness with ourselves and others. If you haven’t already, add dekker to your radar and bask in his delectable bedroom pop like we are.

On “ITYK,” keaton dekker shared,

““I made ‘‘ITYK’’ in my room whilst honestly wanting to be dancing by the tide at sunset. I wanted to create pure warmth with sound, like when sun rays hit the surface of your face. The song addresses miscommunication, and how it can create a huge misjudgement of character. The twists and turns of being in a friendship that isn’’t 100% open and honest.””

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