Willow Stephens and Jaye Locke Carry On with “Setbacks/Comebacks”

Photo Credit: Britt Elexandria (@brittelexandria)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 2, 2020

A Montana native, Willow Stephens got her start playing coffee shops throughout the Pacific Northwest, but now she’s grown her illustrious career into something much greater. On the other hand, there’s the incredible Jaye Locke, who has been credited as one of Lauv’s talented touring musicians. When we put these two musical masterminds together, we’re blessed with the R&B gem that is “Setbacks/Comebacks.”

2020 has certainly been an eventful year filled with new challenges and major setbacks. However, “Setbacks/Comebacks” has Stephens and Locke refusing to let these obstacles hinder their progress as musicians. Between the stirring electronics and delicate vocals, “Setbacks/Comebacks” is exactly what we need to hear at a time like this. 

On “Setbacks/Comebacks,” Willow Stephens shared,

“The idea of setbacks into comebacks became way more poignant as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. We are both musicians who make most of our living playing live. 2020 forced us to reinvent how we work and collaborate. We started the song in a session in person, but finished the process remotely due to stay at home orders.”

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