Kaisha Treats Us to Gorgeous Neo-Soul with “Tell Me”

Photo Credit: Tan Le (@le.tanny)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 2, 2020

Born in Malaysia, Kaisha very much looks up to the likes of H.E.R. and Mac Ayres as musical inspirations. Although she only has a few singles to her name, Kaisha has a neo-soul soundscape you won’t forget. To introduce herself, Kaisha is treating us to a silky new single, “Tell Me.” 

With honeyed lyrics and utterly luscious instrumentals, “Tell Me” is a gorgeous offering from Kaisha. As she vents about constant cycles of toxicity, “Tell Me” has us reflecting on the times we’ve been stuck in unfavorable situations with limited solutions. If you dig “Tell Me,” stay tuned for more from this talented newcomer because she’s got a bunch of new music coming your way. 

On “Tell Me,” Kaisha reflected,

“‘Tell Me’ is when things keep falling apart even when you glue them together. It’s like climbing up a hill and ending up back at the starting line before you’ve even reached the peak. This track talks about the exhausting and toxic cycle that two people can get caught up in, with both people refusing to leave with the only way out.” 

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