ADMT Lives in the Moment with “Good For You”

Photo Credit: Declan Creffield (@declancreffield)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 1, 2020

ADMT, otherwise known as Adam Taylor, is truly making Northern England proud. With an infectious energy like no other, ADMT is constantly exuding confidence and optimism through his touching discography. Having only made his thrilling debut earlier this year, we’re more than pleased with ADMT’s groovy new single, “Good For You.”

This energetic track is laden with addictive beats and crushing electronics that’ll practically have you bouncing off the walls. As “Good For You” delivers an irresistible sonic energy, ADMT reminds us to live in the moment and appreciate what we already have. If you’re looking for a charming personality with life-changing ways, ADMT is your guy. 

On “Good For You,” ADMT shared,

“‘Good For You’ is about not rushing into something and enjoying the moment, not worrying about the future, not putting pressure on yourself, and just enjoying something for what it is in that moment. I think we sometimes rush so much we miss the beauty of things in the now.”

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