90’s Kids Is Scarred from Relationships in “Freak Me Out”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 1, 2020

With pop roots that run deep into Ohio, 90’s Kids is dominating the charts one fantastic release at a time. In just under two years, the talented four piece had already amassed over one million Spotify streams, so we’re not at all surprised by their early success. To brighten your day, 90’s Kids is delivering their feel good new single, “Freak Me Out.”

On “Freak Me Out,” 90’s Kids reflected,

“‘Freak Me Out’ is our favorite song we’ve written to date. It’s actually the first song that we totally self-produced, and it showcases everything about what 90’s Kids is – where we’ve been as a band, and where we’re going in the future. It was fun to dig into the idea of a relationship where there’s so many warning signs, but you’ve already gotten so deep that it hits you all at once and you’re totally freaked out.” 

With a hard-hitting array of sonic elements, “Freak Me Out” is an impeccable display of 90’s Kids infectious aura. As the Ohio quartet acknowledges the red flags of a doomed relationship in “Freak Me Out,” they do so with cheery synths and playful hooks. Needless to say, you shouldn’t be surprised if you start hearing 90’s Kids everywhere alternative pop music is played. 

“We wrote the verses first and the chorus just came so naturally – it just felt like the ‘you really freak me out!’ hook needed to be this big payoff to what the verses are saying, and it came out exactly as we intended it to. We are really proud of every piece of this song, and the journey it took us on as songwriters.”

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