DWN2EARTH Takes Us on “VACATION” with His Genre-Bending Righteousness

Photo Credit: DWN2EARTH (@dwn2evrth)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 29, 2020

You might recognize DWN2EARTH from Logic’s “OCD” last year, but you should already be familiar with his individual discography by now. This Atlanta-based artist refuses to be bound by genres, but he’s got an R&B-inspired sound that will leave you speechless. Ahead of his forthcoming debut album ATLANTIS, DWN2EARTH is treating us to his righteous new single, “VACATION.”

Drizzled with intoxicating beats and moody synths, “VACATION” has us doing some involuntary swaying left to right with our eyes closed. As DWN2EARTH’s precious vocals bless the soothing track, “VACATION” makes us think of someone who magically makes our problems disappear with their very presence. The accompanying VR 360 video consists of warped visuals that just may remind you of your last acid trip. 

On ATLANTIS, Dwn2Earth shared,

“Where I come from, it can feel like there are a lot of restrictions. ‘ATLANTIS’ has no confinement, no limitations. It’s a world where you can do what you want.”

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