[Q&A] Milq Explores Their Indie Pop Versatility with Debut EP ‘tired.’

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 26, 2020

Not very many trios have earned a spot on our coveted radar, but trust us when we say Milq truly deserves the recognition. From hazy melodies to captivating synths, Milq has very much honed their indie pop soundscape. As a special treat to us, Milq has unveiled their otherworldly debut EP, tired., which we’ll definitely have on repeat throughout the summer. 

On tired., Milq reflected,

“With ‘tired.,’ we have created our first holistic statement as a band. Most of the songs were written during a short time period in a very organic group environment. The songs on ‘tired.’ celebrate our inspirations and display the full breadth of our work, from upbeat synth-pop songs to ambient, soundscape inspired ballads.”

To celebrate the release of their new music, we recently chatted with Milq about their influences, dairy, and of course, tired.

HH: We’ve gotta ask… How did you all come up with the band name?

M: We were looking for a four letter band name, something simple and catchy. Jeremy suggested “Milk,” which we all loved. It’s also a bit of an homage to The 1975 who have a song of the same name; we’re all huge fans of that band. Then we learned there were a few other bands with the same name and spelling so we changed the k to a q.

HH: There are a ton of indie pop bands making waves nowadays, but there’s something special about Milq that gravitates us closer with every listen. What do you think sets Milq apart from the other up-and-coming groups?

M: That’s very kind of you to say. The just of what makes Milq “Milq” is the unique combination of our influences and backgrounds. Jeremy is also in a punk band and grew up playing rock music, Robbie (guitar/keys) is a pop producer and grew up playing hardcore and playing in churches, Joel is a session-drummer and grew up playing metal and jazz. We write everything as a collective so bits of each of our influences and personalities come out underneath the umbrella of “Milq.” At the end of the day, we’re just writing music that we want to hear, and that makes us feel something.

HH: Your stellar debut EP, tired. is making us feel quite the opposite. How was it to write most of the songs in a short period of time as a group? 

M: Glad you like it and very glad it doesn’t make you tired! Most of the songs on the EP were written shortly after forming the band. It was an exciting time for us–we were playing our first few shows, figuring out how to write together, which it turned out was very natural and easy. We ended up booking a couple shows before we even had enough songs to play a set so we had to write new ones quickly, some of these songs were “S K I N,” “Living Quietly,” and “Saw You Out Last Night.” The reason the EP is called tired. [is that] we worked long and hard on these songs to get them to where they felt right. We also wrote, recorded, and produced the whole EP ourselves, which was a tremendous amount of work that left us feeling quite exhausted, but very proud of what we made.

HH: Whether it’s young love or personal hardships, tired. really does cover all the bases. What’s the overall message of this EP? 

M: The overall message for the EP is to allow yourself to feel whatever it is you’re going through; whether it’s missing someone or something, being hurt or being happy. Don’t fight what it is and let your feelings do their job. Recognize what you’re feeling and embrace it. Acknowledge that it’s okay, life will move on, and we’ll learn so much from our experiences – the good and the bad.

HH: Which track are you most excited to perform live once concerts return?

M: The answer is different for each of us. Joel is most looking forward to playing “Living Quietly,” Jeremy is looking forward to playing “Saw You Out Last Night.”

HH: What’s your favorite type of milk?

M: Great question! Joel and Robbie are both oat milk fans and Jeremy drinks 2%.

HH: If you could have anyone in the music industry be your mentor, who would you pick?

M: This question is also different for all of us, and probably changes frequently. Right now Joel would love to be mentored by Freddy Sheed (The Japanese House, Lewis Capaldi), Robbie would pick George Daniel (The 1975) and Jeremy would pick LAUV.

HH: What are your three hidden hits?

M: So many to pick from but here is one from each of us: Joel picks “Feelings” by SALR, Robbie picks “My Friends Online” by ELIO, and Jeremy picks “July” by Laur Elle.

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