LEISURE Treats Us to Delectable Psychedelic R&B with “Slipping Away”

Photo Credit: Nicole Brannen (@babybrannen)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 26, 2020

LEISURE has truly been one of our favorite psychedelic R&B outfits for as long as we can remember. And although they took a brief hiatus, the five-piece is back and better than ever before. To reintroduce themselves into our lives, LEISURE is turning heads worldwide with their delectable new single, “Slipping Away.”

Whether you’re sober or stoned, there’s no doubt that “Slipping Away” is an irresistibly precious track. As LEISURE demonstrates their innate ability to craft the most luscious tunes, “Slipping Away” urges us to never stop pushing ourselves–especially when times are tough. As “Slipping Away” comes to an end, we’re left desperate for more from these New Zealand masterminds. 

On “Slipping Away,” LEISURE shared,

“‘Slipping Away’ comes from a place of good intention. Knowing you need to step up and be better for the ones you love despite ongoing challenges. Musically, we based the song around the guitar riff, which was a first for us.”

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