[PREMIERE + Q&A] Kersty Ryan Makes Her Disco-Inspired Debut with “Anybody Else”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 25, 2020

Today’s one of the most exhilarating days we’ve had in a while because we’re introducing you to a completely brand new artist: Kersty Ryan. The Austin-based newcomer has been writing songs since her childhood, and now she’s finally ready to make her grand entrance into the music world. Without further ado, we invite you to familiarize yourself with Ryan’s alluring talent with her captivating debut single, “Anybody Else.”

On “Anybody Else,” Kersty Ryan exclusively shared with us,

“I definitely wrote ‘Anybody Else’ about that one person in your life that challenges you and makes you a better person, but I also think it could be about anyone in your life. Your friends, your family, anyone that makes you a better person and gets you out of your comfort zone. Those are the people who shape you.”

Opening with a classic kick and snare drum, “Anybody Else” reels us in immediately. As Ryan highlights someone that relentlessly pushes her out of her comfort zone, “Anybody Else” has us reflecting on those we consider our closest friends and whether or not they truly make us better people. Between the disco vibes and Ryan’s bubbly personality, we’re absolutely thrilled to see what the future has in store for this rising talent. 

“This song started with a title. I was like, ‘Anybody Else’… that would be a cool title. And I just went from there. Sometimes that’s how my writing process goes; it can start from a title, a line, or a melody idea. It switches up a lot.”

The Hidden Hits has your first listen of “Anybody Else” below:

To celebrate the release of her new music, we recently chatted with Kersty Ryan about disco, calendars, and of course, “Anybody Else.” 

HH: Rumor has it you’ve been writing music since you were a child. About how many songs have you written so far?

KR: I have been! I wrote my first song when I was eight, when I only knew how to play the recorder. If I honestly had to guess how many songs I’ve written, it would probably be over one hundred. I have a lot of songs that are just a chorus here and a verse there, so it’s really hard for me to keep count! They’re always floating around in different journals and on my notes app.

HH: How does it feel to finally have your debut single out in the world?!

KR: Incredible! It’s been a long time coming. It took a lot of back forth with myself to figure out what I wanted my sound to be, and I’m so glad that “Anybody Else” is the song that I’m debuting into the world.

HH: “Anybody Else” is such a dancey, feel good track perfect for summertime. What inspired the track’s sonics?

KR: I knew from the start that I wanted a disco-inspired feeling to the track. A simple kick and snare drum in the beginning, a fun bass line, all that good stuff that comes with a disco track! When I was writing this song on my guitar, it immediately felt like a fun summery thing; which is perfect, because that’s always what I wanted with any song, but I was never able to get it just right until now! All of the references we used in production for this song were disco-inspired and I love how it turned out.

HH: In your opinion, what’s the perfect setting to blast “Anybody Else?”

KR: I definitely picture the perfect setting being riding with the windows down in the car with your friends. That’s exactly what prompted me to shoot the cover art for the song! It’s just what I had in my head when I listened to it.

HH: What have you done lately that’s completely out of your comfort zone? How did you feel afterwards?

KR: Honestly, COVID-19 threw me for a loop, as I’m sure it did for everybody. I’m someone who really likes routine and I always have a million things down in my calendar. Some of my days were planned out to the hour. The pandemic pretty much forced me to throw that out the window and slow down. That was kind of out of my comfort zone! But I kind of loved it. Hated it at first, but towards the end I think it helped me a lot. I didn’t have to make plans, didn’t have a million things to do. I just stayed home, finished my EP, played games on Zoom with my friends, and it was great!

HH: What can we expect from your forthcoming EP?

KR: My EP is almost like an inside look into my past few years. Some somber sad songs, some fun songs! They’re all songs that are very real to me. I love all of them. So much work from so many people went into it. It will be six tracks long, and it’s set to release in a couple of months!

HH: If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry, who would you pick?

KR: Oh my gosh. The first person to pop in my head is Julia Michaels. She’s an incredible songwriter. I also love Daniel Caesar, H.E.R., and I’m a huge Ariana stan. I admire all of them a ton, I could learn so much from them. One day!

8. What are your three hidden hits?

1. “Staring Competition (With the Ceiling)” by Elijah Delgado
2. “Feel” by Lindsey Lomis
3. “Lovin’” by Taylor Parker

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