ciggy Pledges Allegiance to Love with “i am not american (i am only hers)”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 25, 2020

ciggy is back, and he means business. An Atlanta native, ciggy has only been treating us to his genre-bending righteousness for less than a year, but he most definitely deserves to be playing on airwaves everywhere. Needless to say, ciggy never fails to impress us–as shown with his charming new single, “i am not american (i am not american (i am only hers).” 

Working with frequent collaborator Ankit Suri, ciggy is once again giving us a nostalgic soundscape, which was created with everyday household items. With whimsical instrumentals and ciggy’s heartfelt vocals, “i am not american (i am only hers)” is dedicated to the people who don’t blindlessly follow American rituals and ideologies. The accompanying visual is an insightful video compilation of historical archives that display vintage automobiles, American flags, and discrimination.

On “i am not american (i am only hers),” ciggy explained,

“I’m a political news junkie, and my partner isn’t. I wrote the song as sort of a dedication to her, hence “i am not american, i am only hers.” The song has taken on more heft as our country’s political situation has deteriorated. Ultimately, I see it as an anthem for people who pledge themselves to a lot more than hollow notions of American patriotism.”

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