Oscar Welsh Charms Us with Woozy Bedroom Pop in “Sixteen”

Photo Credit: Will LeMay (@wlemay.jpeg)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 24, 2020

At just 18 years old, Oscar Welsh proves that you can never be too young to produce quality earworms. With his signature indie sound, Welsh makes it nearly impossible to dislike his delectable synths and silky vocals. Welsh currently has only a few singles to his name, but you’d be wrong to overlook his inescapable discography–especially his groovy new single, “Sixteen.”

With woozy beats and luscious melodies, “Sixteen” is everything we could ask for. As Welsh recounts the classic tale of unrequited love, “Sixteen” reminds us of how much we adore charismatic bedroom pop. The lighthearted “Sixteen” visual has Welsh busting out his best dance moves atop a sunny rooftop… What more do you need?

On “Sixteen,” Oscar Welsh explained,

“‘Sixteen’ is a song about a tense relationship which lasted from early teens to adulthood. I guess it just illustrates the frustration an individual has when an admirer doesn’t know when to stop chasing.”

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