Luz Gracefully Soothes Our Minds with “we’ll be fine”

Photo Credit: Harvey Pearson (@harvpearson)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 23, 2020

Having received praise from big names like Lewis Capaldi and Julia Michaels, Luz is the latest of Irish talent blessing our airwaves. For years, Luz had been posting song covers on Instagram and now she’s treating us to brilliant original music. Without further ado, we invite you to bask in the gorgeous stylings of Luz with her enthralling new single, “we’ll be fine.”

Recorded between Dublin and London, “we’ll be fine” was created during a recent period of isolation amidst the current pandemic. Layered with powerful pianos and Luz’s enticing vocals, “we’ll be fine” offers a much needed sense of reassurance. If you’ve been feeling restless at all, we highly recommend you let Luz soothe your mind with “we’ll be fine.”

On “we’ll be fine,” Luz explained,

“I wrote ‘we’ll be fine’ at a point in my life where all I needed was for someone to tell me that everything would be okay. As mine and many others’ feelings of uncertainty have resurfaced during this time, it felt only natural to release this as the second single. It has always been a shoulder to me and I hope that it serves a purpose to others in the same way that it has done for me.”

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