Kid Bloom Smokes the Pain Away in “Wounded/Surrounded” Video

Photo Credit: Evan Tan (@funkvantan)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 23, 2020

It’s settled… Kid Bloom can do no wrong. With the most captivating synths and utterly irresistible vocals, Kid Bloom most certainly belongs on your indie radar. As his first release of 2020, Kid Bloom dropped the mesmerizing “Wounded/Surrounded,” and now he’s treating us to an artsy new visual to accompany the lovely track. 

On “Wounded/Surrounded,” Kid Bloom shared,

“I designed some drums and made this vibe on my computer. It became a very alive and moving piece of music. Out of that, I hopped on a shitty little mic and sang the whole song.”

Drenched in hypnotic bass lines and confessional lyricism, “Wounded/Surrounded” is a fantastic effort on Kid Bloom’s part. “Wounded/Surrounded” is all about victimization at its finest, and it’s a touching track we can all learn from. The new visual follows a wounded Kid Bloom as he screams in agony, collapses, and smokes the pain away. 

“It’s about how it’s never good to victimize yourself. There are times where you feel like all you can do is pull away and shut everything out. You’re having an internal conversation and separating yourself from judgement.” 

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