There’s Nothing Wrong with Being “Emotional” for Samantha Margret

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 19, 2020

Samantha Margret was raised on a vast array of music tastes, and it shows in her innovative discography. Although she only has a few singles to her name, Margret has already showcased her ever changing soundscape that spans from electronic to brass. Here to bless us with her angelic vocals, Margret is delivering her gorgeous new single, “Emotional.”

On “Emotional,” Margret shared,

“Now, more than ever, whatever we feel is valid. I grew up thinking that my emotions were ‘too much,’ but our emotions make us who we are. They make life sweet and bitter and intense, and I think it’s all stunningly beautiful and well worth the ride.” 

Finally realizing that emotions are part of what makes us human, Margret takes ownership of her complicated feelings in “Emotional.” With bubbly instrumentals and pleasant chimes, “Emotional” is an effervescent cut from Margret’s forthcoming releases. As someone who’s wholeheartedly dedicated to humanitarian efforts, Margret is donating 100% of royalties to SafeHouse, a non-profit that aids women who are experiencing housing insecurity and sexual exploitation–among several others.

“I’ve been involved for a while with SafeHouse’s Hope Center as a way to support and sustain the city I grew up in. I’m deeply grateful to my music community for showing me how my beliefs and my business can come together. I’m working to more actively incorporate the pursuit of intersectional justice and equality into the way I release music. This is an everyday kind of struggle, and partnering with SafeHouse is part of that longer journey.”

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